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2002 Season   2003 Season  

This is a picture of how Truckpower will look like for the season 2003. (It is a work in progress).

News for the 2003 season: 

Replacing the Scania V8 with a Russian V12 with 38.88 liters.

Adding two big HOLSTEN turbo´s for the new engine.

Replacing the original lubrication system for the crankshaft with a system that works better under high rpm. The original lubrication was only done from the front thereby forcing the oil against the rotation force. We don't believe that the last bearings will get enough oil if we try to increase the rpm. of the engine.

Reusing the clutch from the old setup.

Switching the ball bearings in the gearbox with roller bearings for greater strength.

Making some changes to the gear ratio.

Season 2004

If the engine works well in the 2003 season then we will build a completely new tractor for the season 2004 with 2 engines in 3500 and 3 in 4500.


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